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No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

~ Charles Dickens

How would you define happiness? Can you imagine the most happy day in your life?

It might look something like this.

You wake up in the morning energised. You go for a run with your partner and then, after a romantic shower together you have a beautiful breakfast. Then you go out to some nice market to find nice new things or pursue a hobby followed by great food and other pleasantries of life.

Some would say a day like that (or a variation of that) would be a happy day.

But the day could equally look more like a hard grind as you are trying to help people in need, sweating, cursing, getting dirty as you do your best to make the lives of others better. At the end of that day you’d feel a sense of accomplishment that would make you feel happy.

I love helping others. It makes me happy to see that I could better the life of someone (even if it’s just a marginal betterment).

When was the last time you did help someone even though you could have done something different that day?