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“Why do so many people work so hard so they can escape to Disneyland? Why are video games more popular than work? … Why do many workers spend years dreaming about and planning for retirement?

The reason is simple and dispiriting. We have made the workplace a frustrating and joyless place where people do what they’re told and have few ways to participate in decisions or fully use their talents. As a result, they naturally gravitate to pursuits in which they can exercise a measure of control over their lives.

In most organisations I have been exposed to around the world, … we still have the offices “above” the working people … who, without consulting workers, make decisions that dramatically affect their lives.

~ Dennis Bakke

Stop playing video games to escape your reality! Stop trying to control the little things that don’t really count to much in your life.

You are exceptional and incredibly capable of doing what you should be doing.

Things need to change,

we need to regain control of our self!