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Elevate your Development Team

Elevate your Development Team

I help software teams like yours to build better software faster by making you awesome!

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Is your development process turning into a never-ending cycle of sprints, planning meetings, and backlog grooming sessions?

The rigid adherence to sprint cycles and the relentless pursuit of short-term goals can lead to fatigue, making it difficult for your team to see the bigger picture.

I will guide your team towards achieving excellence. We will collaborate to guarantee that you not only deliver outstanding software and meaningful work but also create a workplace that is truly valuable and fulfilling.

Improved Communication

I will help you prioritize open, frequent, and clear communication among team members and with stakeholders.

Good Practices

I will help you to be able to respond quickly to changes. Let me help you master how to adapt to respond to feedback or changing requirements.

Wholesome teams

From co-workers and colleagues to a real team that empowers each other and pushes teammates to overcome any obstacle.

What people say about me

  • Photo of Steve Wooding

    “I found Enrique to be a truly excellent combination of not only an excellent developer, team manager and coach, but he also remained truly accountable to internal stakeholders and external customers.”
    Steve Wooding CEO at Tapendium

  • Photo of Micah Martin

    “Enrique is a rare breed of craftsman. The code he writes is among the cleanest, most poetic I’ve seen. He has a vast history of experience, making him a great mentor, able to accompany each lesson he teaches with a story to drive the point home. With his creative and original thinking, Enrique is able to inspire all craftsmen, young and old.”
    Micah Martin coder, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, pilot, airplane builder

  • Photo of Diogo Pires de Matos

    “Enrique has a deep understanding of IT development and brilliant technical skills. He was successfully consolidating and leading the agile process inside the development department and never gave up when new obstacles came up.”
    Diogo Pires the Matos Software Engineer / Tech Lead

  • Photo of Todd Anderson

    “He leads by example and helps bring out the best in the teams that he works with through passion and personality.”
    Todd Anderson Principal Consultant at Equal Experts



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