The Right Thing

less than 1 minute read

Look into a mirror, deep into your eyes and ask this question to the person you have in front of you: ”Have you always done the right thing?”

I am sure I haven’t. There are many occasions I wish I would have chosen a different path, done a different thing, wished I had not said the things I did.

The why is less important to me. Most of the things that have happened have happened in the past; long gone are the days where changing what was said will make a difference.

The important thing is realising the fact that you are not unfailing – we all make mistakes, sometimes horrible ones.

Knowing that though, why would you not do the right thing from now on? It’s easier not to, isn’t it? Integrity is hard and hard choices need to be done sometimes.

Will you be able to live with yourself knowing that your moral principles don’t rest on strong ground? If the answer is no, you have everything you need to make that change.