One of my biggest life drivers is helping others reach their potential. I’m an independent coach and consultant by choice. In my spare time, I love to cook, bake, ride my trusty Harley through the European continent and enjoy brewing delicious coffee wherever I might be.

About me

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Some of the things I’ve done

  • My love to coffee has translated into bootstrapping a business dedicated to helping in the coffee industry – Bean Mind.
  • I’ve worked as an independent API client developer for DNSimple. After developing the clients I coached the team and did some ambassadorial work for them.
  • I worked as a Software Craftsman and Director at 8th Light.
  • I was the Head of Education at Makers (then Makers Academy).
  • I’ve written a book about how to start software project called Inceptions.
  • I co-founded a boutique software consultancy called patheleven.
  • I was part of the group who wrote the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship.
  • I’ve worked all around the world for different companies and in different industries.

For more you can read more about my career on my LinkedIn profile.