• Patience

    Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we are waiting.

    ~ Joice Meyer

    Sometimes things don’t happen the way, or rather at the pace we want them to happen. Things move slower than (we) expected.

    How are you going to react in that situation? Are you going to be the one who shouts, gets restless and insulting? Or are you going to be the one who relaxes and takes a look at the situation and tries to make the best out of it given the circumstances?

    The way you feel, your attitude to challenging situations, is your choice;

    who are you going to be today?

  • Autenticity

    Authenticity is ones degree to which you are true to your own personality despite external pressures.

    If I asked you right now if you are authentic every single time of your life, chances are you will tell me something in the lines of ”but of course I am!”. And in your case it might well be.

    More often than not we give in to the social pressure and are what we are expected to be by others. When we meet people who are authentic there is this sense of completeness about them, they somehow seem to be more real than the rest of us.

    For one day, one day only try to be who you really are.

    And when that day is over, write about your experience as yourself ™ 

  • Laughter

    Laughter is the sun that drives the winter from the human face.

    ~ Victor Hugo

    When was the last time you laughed at work? The last time you felt you are having a really good time as you work through your tasks?

    It’s surprising how many people struggle to find joy whilst working. Yes, sometimes we do things we do not like, work at jobs that we’d rather not do.

    I still challenge you, even if you don’t like what you are currently doing, to find a little joy in it.

  • To Care

    When people talk about what they do in the software development field they talk about best practices, clean code, engineering, etc.

    All these things are absolutely great if you think about them, but there is something else, something that we introduced when we started the Software Craftsmanship movement, care.

    When you care about what you do, you not only use the best of your ability as you work, you transmit a little of yourself into your work.

    The products, services and software you build become part of what you are, they get imprinted with your DNA.

    There are not many people who do work like this, it’s still very rare.

    Do you really care about your work?

  • Dilution |dʌɪˈluːʃn|

    noun [ mass noun ]

    the action of making a liquid more dilute.

    • the action of making something weaker in force, content, or value
    • [ count noun ] a liquid that has been diluted.
    • [ count noun ] the degree to which a solution has been diluted
    • a reduction in the value of a shareholding due to the issue of additional shares in a company without an increase in assets.

    ~ Oxford Dictionary of English

    We see it over and over – A nice burger joint opens, they serve delicious food. Someone down the line decides it’s time to reduce costs by diluting the ingredients, using cheaper products, etc. You still go there; for a while. Eventually though you decide it’s time to move on and try that other place out…

    Sadly this is commonplace in businesses frozen in past practices.

    You want to have a service, product, company that your customers will love? The trick is pretty simple…

    Never ever insult them by reducing the quality of what you once were!