• Two weeks

    They say that it takes about 14 days to form an habit. Committing every day to a project is actually quite hard, we want to do this for the next 100 days…

  • Introducing chronicler

    So yesterday I announced the idea Roi and me had about committing every day to github.

    Today I set up a new project, chronicler to start working on it for some time.

    Chronicler is a blogging service that will focus on the content creation and ease of use. I want non-technical bloggers not to have to worry about anything but their content.

    The code will be open source, but I will add a service as well for those who don’t want to deal with the technicalities of setting a chronicler instance up ( big words… I haven’t even really started with the project and I am talking about these things already ).

    Wish me luck with it and if you like the idea ( once you see a little more of code in the project repo ) maybe you can chip in and help?

  • 100 days

    All this will not be finished in the first hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.

    John F. Kennedy

    So my friend Roi and me have started this thing… a 100 days of creating content, or rather a 100 days of pushing code to github.

    Coding is a passion of mine, but recently I have been working mostly on private projects and repos, which is great, but we want to produce things that are useful for people as well.

    There are a ton of projects and ideas that one can build to help, and I am going to start working on some.

    I am thinking about a blogging engine that I thought about a while ago, but never got to work on as I somehow had the idea of it being a commercial product ( also I wanted to use it myself for blogging, maybe I will, maybe I will just create it and let others do it ). This might be a good starting project, I will see. The important part is working on something, many different things, to create the habit.

    Wish us luck and, hey if you have an idea that you don’t mind to be an open source project, just let us know!

  • tmux-conf

    Usually I keep dot and configuration files somehow on github so that I can retrieve them in case of a mayor disaster ( laptop blowing up, etc ).

    The other day I was pairing with a friend. I decided I wanted to share with him my remote pairing configuration…

    WTF!!! WHERE DID IT GO?!?!?

    Not to long ago my trusted MacBook Air stopped working and I changed it for a Makers Academy MackBook Pro ( a really nice machine if you ask me ). Given that I am not working remotely at the moment I didn’t have any tmux or my trusted configurations setup… a real bummer

    So I quickly installed it and went through it with him, but having learned the lesson, I added it to my github for future reference.

    If you are remotely interested in my tmux configuration you can take a look at it here.

  • Mushin no shin - 無心の心

    “Hell is something you carry around with you. Not somewhere you go.”

    —Neil Gaiman

    Yesterday we had a wonderful Talks Night (tm) at Makers Academy! If you haven’t ever been to a Makers Academy Talks Night and you happen to be a student at our academy, you definitely should!

    In a Makers Academy Talks Night you will learn a lot of things that you possibly didn’t know about, like how to produce music, how to save money by batch-cooking, Venezuela, Singapore, women in tech, … you name it It is a really great evening and the kudos really go to all the students, but specially to those who had the courage to stand in front of everyone giving a talk!

    I wanted to write a little about this concept, I have been talking about a little for the last five years or so, as I gave a talk about it during our Makers Academy Talks Night yesterday; Mushin no shin.

    Your brain does many things to cope, specially when under perceived stress conditions (learning in a bootcamp counts as such), it might default to fear (or rather anxiety), anger or ego. These are all natural emotions that we all experience in our lifetimes (sometimes even multiple times a day). The problem with all of them is that they will not help you in those situations that require your full attention.

    Your mind is troubled and there is a lot of chatter that does not allow you to react to the situation at hand as you are to busy inside your emotional state. Mushin no shin, or the mind that is no mind is a state in which your mind is not fixed or busy with thought or emotion, but rather open to everything. It is an ideal mind state in which you can absorb knowledge at incredible speed.

    It is a difficult state of mind to achieve and to keep, but as everything we do, it’s not about how easy it is, but how much we invest in it for our own sake.